sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011

VX8 Peripherals

VX8 Peripherals

I own a VX-8E but missing some peripherals, like GPS, Data Cable, etc…
I waiting the best result for me, and I think is here:
I had buy a original Cable Yaesu CT-M11 with the seven pinouts from VX8, I put a DB9 on final cable, later I can make some peripherals.

The first step is make a data cable, I used a MAX 3233, why? Because I have many units of this, not needed capacity and other components. This one is a translator TTl 3,3V vs RS232 I tried this with some software to manage memories and working ok!!!

The next step is make a audio set to hear and speak , its ok also!!!

But the most important and difficult is make a GPS to the APRS system, I own two GPS modules one ROYALTEK with a Sirf III and one Falcom with a SirfII, I try first the Royaltek.

First I need solder a 3V battery and change the baud rate from 4800 to 9600 with this $PSRF100,1,9600,8,1,0*0D  next I need activate the ZDA command with this $PSRF103,08,00,01,01*2D.

Here has an example of the report:
It’s working ok, but only have a problem,the VX8 not shows the altitude and the Speed.

Happen the same with the other GPS.

It’s something wrong on my config? can anybody help me?